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Integrating Coaching & Development

My experience has proved that linking individual and team coaching to corporate development, the most effective way of achieving lasting success, hence many of the programmes I develop incorporate a coaching element.

These programmes are highly successful because they ensure that those being coached are fully integrated into the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Where an individual or team is particularly valuable to your organisation, coaching is especially relevant and beneficial.  New teams and individuals are eager to learn and find coaching exhilarating as they swiftly increase their confidence and self-awareness.  For people mid-career or who have been part of a management team for a long time, coaching will stretch their behaviour, skills and abilities, preparing them for promotion or career change.

Coaching benefits

the organisation

because it…

Guarantees that noticeable change occurs within the organisation rapidly

Ensures individual / team development matches organisation needs

Encourages individuals and  teams to regularly monitor their own progress against that of the organisation

Enables individual / team development needs to be met at the right time

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